Articles of Association for The Buddhist Funeral Society

  1. Name and address

# 1. The name is The Buddhist Funeral Society known in Danish as Buddhistisk Bisættelses Forening, abbreviated to BBF. Colloquially “The Stupa Society”

# 2. The society is registered at the Municipality of Copenhagen and the address of  is that of the treasurer.


2. The Aims 

# 1.The aims of the society are to:

      • Raise funds for the building and upkeep of the stupa
      • Raise donations and, or, gifts for lamas and others performing prayers for the  deceased.
      • Work as a society representing all Buddhists denominations in Denmark and communicate with the respective authorities, including Bispebjerg Cemetery, about funeral matters.


3.  Membership

# 1. Any person who can affiliate her/himself to the object of the Society may become a member

# 2In order to become a member one can use the registration form on the website  or contact either the chairman or the treasurer. Membership is valid from the moment the fee has been paid.

# 3. Cancellation of one’s membership can be made by contacting a board member.

# 4. The annual membership fee is set by the general assembly and is due at the begning of the fiscal year. Ordained lamas, monks and nuns are entitled to free membership.


4. The Annual general meeting – AGM

# 1The AGM is the highest authority of the society

# 2. The AGM takes place once a year before June 1st and is announced at least 3 weeks in advance. An agenda must be included. Notice can  be sent by mail, email and/or displayed on the website.

# 3. All members, who have paid their membership fee at latest one week before the AGM, have access and are entitled to vote. A proxy vote is not allowed.

# 4. The agenda for the AGM must at a minimum contain the following points:

      • Electing a chairperson
      • Electing a secretary to take the notes
      • Electing people to count votes
      • The chairman’s report
      • Presentation of the accounts for approval
      • Presentation of the budget for approval
      • Setting the membership fee
      • Discussion of received proposals
      • Electing the chairman for 2 years
      • Electing 2 board members every other year
        (The board is self sufficient and can replace a board member retiring before their term of office expires)
      • Electing 2 accountants
      • Any other topic

# 5. Proposals for the agenda must be received, in writing, at least 21 days  before the AGM. Proposed alterations to the regulations of BBF must be received in writing at least 3 months before the month when the AGM will be held.

# 6. At the AGM decisions are made by a majority show of hands. If a single member attending demands it, there must be ballot vote. When electing members for the board, if there are more candidates than positions, there will always be written vote.


5. Extraordinary general meeting – EGM

# 1. An EGM can be held when the board finds it necessary or when at least a third of the members makes a written and reasoned request to the chairman. In such a case, the EGM must be held within a period of 4 weeks from the date the chairman received the request.

# 2. The minimum time required to call a general meeting is two weeks.


6. The Stupa Society’s daily leadership

# 1. The leadership is made up of a chairperson and 4 members of the board of directors. The board members are elected at the AGM for a period of 2 years. Every second year 2 or 3 members are elected respectively

# 2. The board guides the society in accordance with the current AoA and the decisions made at the general meeting.

# 3Within 14 days of the election the board must meet  to elect a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and secretary. All positions on the board are valid until the next AGM.

# 4. The board adopts its own rules of procedure. It may set up subcommittees and workgroups for carrying out specific tasks.

# 5The chairman, and in his absence the vice-chairman, calls and leads the committee’s meetings when he/she finds it necessary; or when at least 3 members of the board request it. The meeting should be held within two weeks after the chairman has received a formal request. The call is given in writing and includes an agenda.

# 6. The committee forms a quorum when at least 3 members of the committee are present.


7. Finances, accounts and auditing

# 1. The fiscal year of the Stupa Society follows the calendar year.

# 2. The board is responsible to the members for accounts and budgeting.

# 3. The accounts are kept by the treasurer, who also registers the members.

# 4. The accounts are audited by an accountant chosen by the members at an AGM/EGM.


8. Responsibilities and liability

# 1. The signature of the chairman and the treasurer are jointly required. The chairman and the treasurer can dispose of the Stupa Society’s bank account and credit card separately.

# 2The board as well as the members are not personally financially accountable for the Stupa Society’s financial obligations.


9. Changes to the AoA

# 1. The AoA  can only be changed with a 2/3 majority of the members present at a general meeting. And when the proposed changes are a part of the approved agenda.

# 2. The AoA changes are adopted at the general meeting once approved.


10. Dissolution

# 1Dissolution of the Stupa Society is only possible with a  2/3 majority at both a general meeting followed by an extraordinary general assembly.

# 2. If the society is dissolved the assets will be proportionally divided between the approved Buddhist religious communities which have supported the Stupa Society.


11. Datering

# 1. These regulations were approved at the founding meeting  of the Stupa Society  on March 3rd 2018.


The board of the Stupa Society 25 the June 2018