Relics in the Stupa Bispebjerg Cemetery.





From H.E. Jetzyn Mindroling Khandro Rinpoche

  • Hair from Guru Rinpoche
  • Hair from Yeshe Tsogyal

Relics of HH the 15th Karmapa given by the 16th Karmapa

  • Ashes and bones of the 16th. Karmapa
  • Tsa Tsa with ash and bone fragments in of the 16th Karmapa

Relics of HH Kaybje Mindroling Trichen Rinpoche and HH Dhilgo Khentze Rinpoche

  • A piece of Atisha’s Stupa in Tibet

Given by the Ven. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche: 

  • 4 pills of body, speech, mind and quality.
  • 3 white pills by Milerepa and Rechungpa
  • 3 Black pills by Marpa
  • 1 pill by Dakini Yangchen Palmo
  • 1 large Pill containing 1000 kinds of Medicine
  • 1 large Pill containing 1000 kinds of fruit
  • Stupa with a fragment of Ven.Tenga Rinpoche bone in.

From Tenpa:

  • Many mantra rolls
  • Tsa tsa with blessing in from Boudhanath Stupa.
  • Body speech and mind pills made at Tenga Rinpoche
  • Black Karmapa pills
  • Relics from Tenga Rinpoche: 1st piece. bone and 3 self-manifest pills found after the cremation of Tenga Rinpoche.
  • 1 piece of clothing from the 16th Karmapa
  • Blessed rice of the 16th and 17th Karmapa
  • Tsa Tsa with Tenga Rinpoche relics in.
  • Stupa with Ven.Tenga Rinpoche bone in.
  • Salt from Jamgon Kongtrull Rinpoche

From Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche:

  • Blessed pills from Nyenpa Rinpoche and Dhilgo Khyenze Rinpoche
  • Red Tjenrezig pill from Situ Rinpoche
  • Pills from d 16 Karmapa cremation

DALAI LAMA: Chenrezig pills


From Bro and Esther:

  • Tza tza with blessing from the Bouddhanat stupa
  • Various stones and sacred things from monasteries in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and Bodhgaya in India.

The stupa was built and filled in the traditional way with Tsa Tsa, the Tree of Life up through the entire stupa, jars with the various relics, mandalas, all kinds of mantras, symbols of prosperity such as money, various kinds of grain and traditional sacrifices.