The Buddhist Funeral Society – BBF

The society was established at a founding meeting on March 25, 2018

The following Board of Directors were elected:

  • Lama Ani Ea Hiss,
  • Ani Tenzin Drolkar / Bodil Wellendorf,
  • Ole Nordstrøm (Chairman),
  • Lars Lindholm Nielsen (Treasurer)
  • Steen Skovhus.

The society was established for the construction and maintenance of the Stupa on the allotted area at Bispebjerg Cemetery. This is for all Buddhists in Denmark as well as people who feel connected to Buddhism, plus acting as a liaison with the Cemetery. Bispebjerg Cemetery wanted the contact to be done through Ole Nordstrøm, who together with Lama Ani Ea was responsible for the management of the Mausoleum since 1996.

Following the Annual General Meeting on March 22, 2019, the Board of Directors is constituted as follows:

  • Lama Ani Ea Hiss,
  • Ole Nordstrøm (Chairman),
  • Steen Skovhus (Treasurer),
  • Anne Marie Jensen (Secretary),
  • Hans Jørgen Hansson (Vice Chairman).

These important comments came under “additional”

The financial cost of a funeral is the responsibility for the deceased’s estate, and the family themselves will need to contact a Lama and arrange for the placing of the urn.

Delivery of the urn will be via an undertaker.

At Bispebjerg Cemetery it is possible to attend the cremation if one wishes.

In consideration for those partaking in the funeral service it maybe a good idea to consider choosing hymns and songs which are suitable for both Buddhists and Christians.

If there are too many people to be in Søndre Chapel at Bispebjerg, one can use Vestre Cemetery, or you can use another chapel or church.

It is a good idea to write down what one would like to happen for your own death and at the funeral.

In the event of a distant death a ceremony can be performed at the stupa or in the crematorium.

Books, thankas and other Buddhist objects can be bequeathed to the Buddhist group  the deceased felt affiliated with, and they will ensure that it goes to the appropriate place.

Membership to BBF is made by paying the annual subscription into the society’s bank account:
Arbejdernes Landsbank:  5321     02 55 696    or
Mobile Pay: 38142

Please also send details to the treasurer with your name, address and email:

The subscription for 2020 is 200 kr. a year

Tilmelding til BBF - Join BBF

Treasurer:  Steen Skovhus


Prayers for a deceased: One can contact BBF  in connection with a death. BBF can help inform a Rinpoche and arrange special prayers and possibly. Phowa. It is normal for a donation to be made to the  Lamas and Rinpoche involved (suggested amount DKK 2,000 Kr.) and the payment should be earmarked as such.

If it is urgent it is possible to contact Lama Ani Ea directly and she will help
Lama Ani Ea:
Mobil nr. 42 72 91 96