Burying an Urn by the Stupa.

In 2018, the Buddhists in Denmark were allocated a grass area of ​​108 m2 at Bispebjerg Cemetery adjacent to the Buddhist mausoleum and given permission to build a stupa. The area is donated for the use of all Buddhists living in Denmark and a wooden urn can be buried here. There is also an option to extend the area.

One pay’s a lump sum and the fee for the space does not need to be renewed as in the mausoleum. However it is not possible to place a marker on the surface over the urn but the cemetery office knows exactly where each urn is buried, and relatives are informed. The grass area has been donated after several Buddhists expressed a wish to have their ashes buried.

All Danish Buddhists and people who feel connected to Buddhism can be helped by contacting the Cemetery Office directly, tel: 33 66 91 00 or through a funeral parlour. As an offering for all Buddhists, Ole Nordstrøm (the mausoleum’s contact person) decided  to include both Karmapa Trust – Sanye Tashi Ling and Phendeling (who are officially recognised as religious organisations). Their members are therefore able to claim a tax deduction  for large donations to the Stupa.

Since it is the Danish State who owns the land on which the Stupa is built you can only rent a “plot” for a certain number of years,  as this is still quite expensive, we chose to donate the stupa to the cemetery instead of paying rent. However the contents of the Stupa i.e. relics etc. belong to the Buddhists, so we are included when proposed changes are planned. As we are responsible for the maintenance of the Stupa the Buddhist Funeral Society, BBF, was established.